About Us

Double Tap – MADE IN THE USA!!  

At Double Tap Cleaners we are dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces, law enforcement, hunters and gun enthusiasts in general.  We have developed our gun cleaner and lubricant with your interests in mind.  From the battle field to the practice range, Double Tap is the best gun cleaner and lubricant on the market today!  Our product is engineered, tested and proven to remove all carbon and lead fouling while lubricating the moving parts in the same application.  Our goal when developing Double Tap was to eliminate multiple steps for cleaning and lubricating.  When completely dried, Double Tap leaves a micro-lubrication on the surface for smooth and dependable action as well as protection against grit, dust, grime and moisture.  Carbon and lead build up is also minimized between cleanings with repeated applications.  Following the initial application and cleaning with Double Tap you will recognize a significant difference in the ease of cleaning.


Double Tap is All Natural and 100% Biodegradable.

Our Guarantee To You!

Double Tap Cleaners is committed to the highest quality products and superior customer service.  All products from Double Tap Cleaners are guaranteed to be free from defects and workmanship.  Any merchandise found to be defective will be replaced or a credit/refund will be issued.  Defective merchandise must be returned to Double Tap within 15 days of receipt.  Authorization from Double Tap must be granted before merchandise return is granted.  All prices on our web site are in U.S. Dollars.