Cleaner Instructions

Double Tap Cleaning and Lubricating Instructions:

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Double Tap is a safe and very effective gun cleaner and lubricant that is made from all natural oils.  It is a non-solvent and non-acidic product that will not harm aluminum parts. Double Tap is 100% Biodegradable and is an environmentally friendly product.

Double Tap is engineered to have a very high heat resistance.  It is tested and proven to remove all carbon and lead fouling and helps in the prevention of excess buildup between cleanings.  This product also coats parts to help in the prevention of rust and gauling.

Gun Cleaning:

Thoroughly saturate all moving and stationary parts with Double Tap Cleaner and Lubricant.  Clean parts with wipes and bore brush.  Continue wiping until all parts are dry.

Do not apply another type of oil for lubrication after cleaning.  Double Tap is engineered to leave a micro-lubricant film on the surface after cleaning and drying for smooth and dependable action as well as protection against grit, dust, grime and moisture.  If more lubrication is needed on moving parts simply apply an additional amount of Double Tap with a clean wipe or cotton swab.  Again, wipe parts and gun completely dry and enjoy shooting.

Single application product for both cleaning and lubricating…  This is what makes Double Tap the most desired cleaner/lubricant on the market today!

Use caution on dipped and/or painted parts that are not baked on.  As with any oil or cleaner, spotting or coating removal could occur.  Test Double Tap in an inconspicuous location.  Remember to thoroughly wipe gun until dry.  Wipe all plastic and painted parts completely dry of residue.

Enjoy firing your Double Tap cleaned and lubed weapon!